Vista Blue Screen of Death & How To Fix It

Published: 14th July 2008
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The blue screen of death is a microsoft windows error that affects Vista, Windows XP and other versions of Windows. Often, this is due to software conflicts within the windows registry. Software conflicts can be due to video driverrs not updated, or a software that we downloaded from the internet which we installed.

1. Video driver not updated

Some people get the BSOD when trying to use Windows Media Player. This can be fixed after updating their video card driver.

2. Faulty hardware

Other reason the blue screen of death can arise is because of faulty hardware more specifically the RAM or Random Access Memory. These are rectangular components that are plugged into your mother board. Your computer may function well for a day or 2, but then when all of a sudden. the BSOD pops up. The way to solve this is to change the RAM.

3. Faulty registry

The registry contains all the data and components found in your computer, from printer drivers, to sound card drivers, to scanner driver. When something goes wrong within this component of your Windows Operating system, the blue screen error can pop up as well. Reinstalling your OS is not the recommend way to fix the Blue screen of death. You may experience your computer crashing while in the midst of the installing process and you will be left with a half installed OS.

In most cases, changing your RAM and scanning your registry for errors should fix your blue screen of death.

This is the Registry Cleaner I used to fix my Blue Screen of Death

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Lisa Jenkins on September 14, 2011 said:
Excellent, I thought I had to buy a new laptop but these solutions are much cheaper and easier to deal with so thsnk you so much. If unsure about following these tips then have a professional help you so that you do not do more damage than good.

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